Frequently Asked Questions
Below you will find answers to your most common questions about products and services that Transitions at Bedard offers.

Wigs, Hair Pieces & Headwear
Bras & Prosthetics

Skin Care

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Supplies
My hair is thinning but not completely gone. Can you help?
Transitions offers not only full cap wigs but also hair pieces that you can incorporate with your natural hair.

I have total hair loss, but do not want to wear a wig. Do you have any recommendations?
We carry hats, scarves, kerchiefs, and even partial hair hats.

I want to wear a wig, but I don't lik the idea of a synthetic wig. What options do I have?
Along with beautiful synthetic wigs, Transitions also carries human hair wigs. Let us discuss the pros and cons of each wig type and help you select what wig type best meets your needs.

Do wigs look unnatural?
A custom fitted wig can look very natural. Many of the wigs we carry have features to enhance a natural appearance, like lace front tops, rooted colors and highlighting.

Could a wig cause damage to my scalp or slow the re-growth of my natural hair?
No. The wig actually helps to maintain body heat, prevents over-exposure in extreme conditions, and helps you feel better about your appearance. A wig can be worn until natural hair has grown to a manageable length.

Will health insurance cover the cost of a wig for medical hair loss?
Wigs may be covered in part or completely. You should contact your health insurance company and ask if "cranial prostheses" are covered.

How does a wig stay in place?
The wigs all have built-in adjustments that allow you to loosen or tighten it. In addition, clips or adhesives can be used to secure your wig.

Are wigs difficult to care for?
No. Synthetic wigs are very easy to care for and maintain their style without fuss. Human hair wigs are easy to care for and allow you to style daily as you please. Shampoos and styling products formulated for wigs should be used to maintain the quality of the wig, and are available at Transitions.

How do I know if I am wearing the wrong bra size?
Our certified fitters work individually with you to ensure that a properly fitting bra is selected..

My symmetry and balance are off – can you help?
We carry various styles and sizes of breast forms to meet a variety of needs for post-surgical women.

Do you carry larger cup sizes?
We have hundreds of quality bras in stock from size 36AA to 52G, and may be able to order additional sizes.

One of my breasts is larger than the other. Can you help?
Transitions sells shapers to help balance both weight and symmetry.

My bra straps are digging into my shoulders, and are causing me pain. Do you have a product that can fix this?
Our fitters can determine if the bra is the proper fit. If so, accessories such as shoulder strap pads are in stock to help alleviate pressure.

Can I afford a prosthesis and a mastectomy bra?
We can bill many insurances, and are willing to check your insurance coverage for you.

I will be undergoing breast surgery. Do you have supportive undergarments made for post-surgical recovery?
Post-surgical garments are in stock from Amoena, ABC, and Bellisse. These items are designed to help support the desired results and healing after surgery.

Do you have any products that can alleviate the burning sensation that I experience after radiation therapy?
Lindi Skin has designed a soothing, cooling, and moisturizing dressing to be applied after radiation therapy. The cooler roll or pads can be used for immediate and long-lasting relief from various burns.

I have sensitive skin. Do you have skin care products I can use?
Lindi Skin offers body and face washes that are formulated for sensitive skin and lotions that provide all day moisture.

Can you help me with the facial rash that breaks out after my chemotherapy treatments?
EGFR Rash is a common skin-related effect of some chemotherapy. The best relief is intense hydration, which helps relieve redness, irritation, and dryness. Lindi Skin face wash, serum, moisturizer and balm are clinically proven to help reduce skin toxicity and alleviate the symptoms.

Is there a product that can help Rosacea?
A Lindi Skin basic face regimen of face wash and lavendar face serum delivers rich anti-oxidants that help moisturize and minimize rash.

Is there a makeup gentle enough for me to use?
Yes! Eve Organics offers mineral makeup, and includes foundations, concealers, eye shadows and liners, mascara, lip glosses, and lip sticks.

Is there any relief for dry, cracking hands that are so common during winter months?
Lindi Skin's Soothing Balm is highly emollient for intensely dehydrated areas of the skin. Also try the Lindi Skin Lip Balm for chapped lips.

What breast pump brands do you carry?
Transitions carries Medela and Ameda breast pumps.

What comes with a breast pump?
We have a variety of options from the basic pump to double electric pumps. Some options come with a carrying tote and some accessories.

What accessories are available?
Transitions carries nursing bras, bustiers, bottles, pump and save bags, Lanolin, breast shields, disposable nursing pads, spare parts, nipple shields, soap, quick clean wipes, and more.

How do I get a free breast pump?
If you are pregnant or have recently given birth and have health insurance, you may qualify for a free breast pump at NO charge to you via the Affordable Care Act. We will contact your insurance company for you to see if you qualify for a free breast pump.

I am pregnant and have been experiencing lower back pain. Can you help?
A maternity support belt tucks under the belly and lifts up, taking the pressure off of the lower back and alleviating some of the discomfort.

I am pregnant and have very swollen ankles and feet. Do you carry any products that can help with this?
We carry many varietys of compression socks, sleeves and hosiery that pregnant women can wear. By compressing the lower legs and feet, the compression garment acts as a layer of muscle by gently squeezing the stretched vein walls together. The cavity of the vein is reduced, thereby restoring blood flow to a normal state and aiding overall circulation.