Daily Living Aides

The Assist-A-Tray is a simple couch-side handle that makes getting up from your favorite couch or chair easy! It comes with a convenient multi-use swivel tray so you can eat, surf the web, or simply keep handy items close by. And like all of our products, it blends in with your living-room (like another piece of furniture) so you can maintain the comforting feeling of your home.

Handy Bar
The Handy Bar makes it easy to get in-and-out of the car. Simply slide the handle into the striker/door-latch for extra support while sitting or standing. It fits any door striker – so you can have support anywhere in the car for stress-free traveling. When you’re done, simply place the handle in your car and you’re ready to go.

Stable Rail
The Stable Rail has legs that extend to the ground for extra stability while standing. The half-size rail prevents nighttime falls (Click for full-fall protection). And like all of our products, it blends in with your bedroom - like another piece of furniture - to maintain the comforting feeling of your home.

Button Hook/Zipper Pull
Great for people with arthritis or limited hand function, the button hook wire loop pulls buttons through button holes without snagging. The zipper pull loops easily into the zipper, so you can pull up your zipper with ease.

Reach Aid
Now you can reach items located too high or too low without discomfort. Operates with an easy-to-operate finger trigger, and comes in deluxe or fold-away models.

Lighted Magnifier
No need to strain your eyes to read small print. This magnifier provides 3x magnifiation, and is great for low-light situations.

Medical Alert Identification
People with diabetes, autism, Alzheimer's, food and drug allergies, and more benefit from wearing medical ID bracelets. These bracelets alert emergency responders, EMT's and medical staff of any existing conditions that you may have in the event that you are not able to tell them yourself. Available in fashionable styles and traditional styles.

Extended Shoe Horn
Make dressing easier with an extended shoe horn that helps feet slip into shoes without bending, bruising heels, or crushing the back of footwear. Features a flexible contoured head for easy use.

Turns a mason jar in to a travel cup or mug! Available for regular or wide-mouth mason jars. BPA-free and Phthalate-free; durable, reusable, and recyclable. Available in clear, teal, blue, orange, and pink.

Use this adapter to bring great food with you on the go! Inspired by Japanese bento boxes, the BNTO is a conveniently shaped insert that separates a canning jar into two compartments so you can mix or dip like a champ. Pack your salads and dressing, yogurt and granola, or hummus and veggies, or just leftovers! Available for regular and wide-rimmed mason jars. BPA-free and Phthalate-free; durable, reusable, and recyclable.

Adult Bibs
Offers chest to lap protection. Polyester cotton cover; waterproof barrier.

Sock Aid
Deluxe, flexible sock aid for those with limited hand function, wheelchair users, those with back problems, etc. Allows the foot to slide in with ease. Unique three finger design easily holds the sock and the strong molded insert makes it easy for you to guide the sock onto your foot.

Elastic Shoelaces
Designed to make slipping on or taking off a pair of shoes or sneakers easier, without having to untie the laces. The elastic shoelaces make it easier for individuals with arthritis and those who have trouble bending.