Diabetic Supplies

Insulin Pumps
Many people suffer from the complications of diabetes. Let Bedard help you find the freedom of using an insulin pump. Our dedicated team is available to help you find out if insulin pump therapy is right for you. We will also help guide you through the insurance process so you have one less thing to worry about. We carry all of the major insulin pump brands including, Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm® Revel™, Animas One Touch® Ping®, and the new Tandem® t:Slim®.

Infusion Sets
An infusion set contains the thin plastic that delivers insulin from the pump to your body, and a cannula or stainless steel needle, which is inserted under your skin at the infusion site. The tubing comes in different lengths to accomodate various needs. We carry a variety of infusion sets, including the mio® Infusion Set, which combines the infusion set and insertion device into one unit.

Glucometers determine the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood. We carry a variety of meters, including OneTouch®, ACCU-CHEK®, Contour®, FreeStyle®, and more.

Test Strips & Lancets
We carry a variety of test strips and lancets for many devices, including OneTouch®, ACCU-CHEK®, Contour®, FreeStyle®, and more.

Diabetic Shoes & Inserts
Dr. Comfort™ shoes are specially designed to protect your feet. They're also "extra-depth" to accommodate special inserts, which are either heat-molded to your feet or custom-made. Today's diabetic shoes come in many beautiful colors and styles &en; just like regular shoes.

Diabetic Slippers
Dr. Comfort™ slippers have a gel insert that provides cushion underfoot for amazing comfort as you walk. They have a slip-resistant outsole and built-in protective toe box, that makes every step as safe as the last. Extra depth helps to accommodate swollen feet.

Diabetic Socks
All styles of Dr. Comfort™ socks are designed and manufactured with your foot health in mind. Available in a range of men's and women's sizes. Perfect for people living with diabetes, arthritis, edema, neuropathy and circulation issues. Special styles available for people with partial foot amputations.

DermaSox are bamboo socks treated through the process of micro-encapsulation technology with a nutritious natural blend of oils/vitamins to moisturize and hydrate dry, cracked skin on feet and heels. Time released to impart moisture onto feet when worn; suitable for Diabetic and General foot care. Wear 6-8 hours per day for maximum benefit.