Exercise and Physical Therapy

Bondi Band Head, Arm & Wrist Bands
Bondi Bands headbands are a comfy, colorful and creative way to hold your hair back, whether you're running errands or getting exercise. Armbands and Wristbands are a unique way to carry your cell phone & essentials while running – with no zippers, snaps or clasps!

Thera-Band® resistive exercise systems include lates bands available in 9 color-coded levels of resistance. Economical and intuitive, thera-bands are ideal for home exercise.

Exercise Tubing
TheraBand® Exercise Tubing includes natural rubber tubing available in 7 color-coded levels of resistance. Proper use of these systems for resistive exercise provides both positive and negative force on the muscles, improving strength, range of motion and cooperation of muscle groups. Color-coded progressive resistance gives at-a-glance documentation of progress from one level to the next.

Thera Cane®
Thera Cane applies pressure to treat muscle dysfunction. Six strategically placed balls provide full body massage. Ergonomic design enhances leverage for easy use.

Foam Therapy Rollers
Foam therapy rollers help stretch and roll out muscle aches, pains and knots. Comes in various sizes.

Foot Peddler
Foam rollers are useful for all of your therapeutic exercises, physical therapy, training and conditioning, core strength and stability, core training, stretching, myofascial release, self massage, postural alignment and balance exercises.

Exercise Balls
Exercise balls are effective for balance training and spinal stabilization. They feature a durable, burst-resistant shell, and are available in a variety of sizes. They can be used in yoga, pilates, and fusion exercise programs. Perfect for weight training and physical therapy.

Exercise Pulley
An exercise pulley helps restore shoulder, arm and upper torso mobility. Installes easily over any door in your home.

Photo Light Therapy
Photo light therapy consists of exposure to daylight or to specific wavelengths of light using polycrhromatic polarised light. The light is administered for a prescribed amount of time and, in some cases, at a specific time of day. Commonly used to treat psoriasis, sleep disorders and some psychiatric disorders, as well as sleep disorders and seasonal affective disorder.

Kinesiology Tape
Perfect for everyone from hard charging athletes to weekend warriors. Step by step instructions are included on our kinesiology athletic tape to make it simple for anyone to apply. Comes in pre-cut kits or versatile rolls in a variety of colors.

Designed to meet a wide range of hand/arm strengthening needs, Theraputty can be squeezed, stretched, twisted or pinched. Great for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome exercises. Six visually distinct colors reflect established standards in resistive exercise, that progress in resistance from super soft to extra firm. Pleasant to the touch, this silicone putty will not harden or dry out.

Digital Scale
Designed to give accurate, dependable results time after time. Turns on automatically when you step on it. Built with a durable, steel frame and has a durable, plastic platform to ensure long lasting use in any area. Easy-to-read results with a large, one and a half inch display.