Feeding and Nutrition

Each bottle of Ensure is a source of complete, balanced nutrition. Every ready-to-drink shake is packed with 24 essential vitamins and minerals. Enjoy Ensure for breakfast, lunch, or as a delicious between-meal snack to help meet your daily nutritional needs.

Boost Plus
BOOST Plus® has increased calorie and protein, which may help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It also provides 26 vitamins and minerals, including calcium and 60% daily value of Vitamin D to help keep bones strong.


Nutren® is a nutritionally complete formula for tube feeding or oral supplementation. It delivers normal protein and calorie requirements.

Kangaroo Enteral Feeding Set
Includes a rigid vinyl container with pre-attached tubing for use in enteral feeding; works with all Kangaroo feeding pumps. To eliminate confusion, all connectors are noncompatible with IVs, and an incorporated safeguard protects against overinfusion when one of hte ocmpatible pumps is used.