Pediatric Mobility

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Freedom Design
Many frame options. Growable frame to accomodate growth. Accomodates many seating systems or specific cushions and backs to meet your needs. Various color options available to personalize your order.

Quantum Rehab
Full line of pediatric power chairs, custom configured high strength ultra-lightweight wheelchairs and pediatric strollers with a dynamic seating system.

Multiple frames available to accomodate various seating systems. Tilt in space high-low frame. Early sitting systems. Posterior gate trainers and standers.

Various gate trainers, standers, bath systems, various wheelchair bases from stroller, high-low tilt. Accomodates various seating systems. Anterior and posterior gate trainers.

Ki Mobility
High strength ultra-lightweight custom configured manual wheelchairs. Various colors. Accomodates cushions and backs to meet your seating needs.

Posterior and anterior gate trainers, bath systems. Tilt in space wheelchairs with built-in growth frame. Foldable for easy transport.

Sunrise Medical
Tilt in space folding or rigid option bases. Custom configured to meet seating and positioning needs. KidKarts with custom seating systems.