At Bedard Senior Care, our primary focus is you!

"I have been working with Bedard Pharmacy for eight years, and I have been totally satisfied. The service is always prompt and friendly. They are a local pharmacy, which has had huge benefits. When we need something for our residents, they go out of their way to be sure they get what they need in a more than timely manner. Steve is here every month for med reviews. He does an amazing job - very thorough, very knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. The staff and residents both enjoy their visits. I look forward to working with all the Bedard Senior Care staff for many years to come."
-Doreen, Senior Care customer

"'Thanks' is such a little word... No bigger than a minute. But, there's a world of meaning and appreciation in it for all your help, kindnesses and understanding."
-Heather, Senior Care customer