Transitions Products

At Transitions, we understand that women have individual preferences regarding bra performance and style. We carry a wide selection of bras that are suitable for comfort, leisure, basic support, performance, and fashion. We have something for every woman.

Transitions has dedicated an extensive amount of time and hands-on training to make sure that we are equipped with the best breast prosthetics available today. We carry a large variety of lightweight foam and silicone swim forms, shapers, and various full breast forms to ensure balance and symmetry.

No matter what kind of breast procedure you’ve undergone, we have a variety of post-surgical leisure brassieres, compression bras, belts and camisoles with drainage management. These garments have been designed with non-irritating materials to help add comfort to your healing process.

We have several major designers in stock in a variety of lengths, styles, colors, and cap constructions. From beautiful synthetic fibers to human hair, the Pixie to luxurious layers, and a host of options in between, you are sure to find just what you're looking for here at Transitions! Call to set up an appointment today: (207)784-3700.

Transitions is proud to carry Lindi Skin products. Let us provide you with specialty face & body wash, face & body moisturizers, serums, eye creams, lip balm, and cooler pads that have been specifically formulated for compromised skin resulting from chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Medically proven, Lindi Skin is recommended by oncologists and medical professionals across the United States.

We carry a variety of pregnancy and breast feeding products designed to provide comfort and ease of use to the new mother, including breast pumps, belly support, skin care, formula, and more.

We also carry wig accessories, hats, scarves, makeup, hair & eyebrow fillers.