Mobility Products

Bedard carries a full line of crutches from axillary (underarm) to forearm crutches. Crutches are easy to adjust and provide comfortable support. We also carry platform crutch attachments for those with cerebral palsy, rheumatoid arthritis or other conditions resulting in weakness.

Bedard offers a wide selection of canes from the basic wooden cane to the lightweight folding travel canes. Pick from various styles such as offset, tourist, fritz, knob and ergonomic. Our canes also come in a variety of colors.

Bedard has top of the line rollators in both three and four-wheeled models. Other features include a seat, hand brakes and a variety of colors and accessories. Petite and bariatric models are also available. Let Bedard help you gain your independence back with the right rollator.

Various walkers available. Walkers provide stability while standing and walking.

Knee Walker
Features a fully maneuverable pair of front wheels for superior ease of use. Can be quickly folded for easy storage or transport. Perfect for increased mobility following foot surgery, lower leg breaks, sprains or foot ulcers.

Walking Sticks
Bedard carries a line of made in Maine walking sticks. Hand crafted, sanded and treated with 3-4 coats of Danish Oil and rubbed down to a polish. The hand grips are wrapped with Hemp string or suede lace and the wrist loop is hand braided. Available in various sizes, and have a boot added for no slipping.

Adjustable Folding Canes
This folding cane is ideal when you want to travel with comfort. It fits tight spaces, including inside or deep pockets of bags. Ergonomic. Standard handle includes a high-quality rubber for a good solid grip. Supports up to 250lbs.

Cane Ice Grips
5-prong ice grip quickly and securely attaches to canes and crutches. Prevents slippage in winter conditions. When the Cane Ice Grip is not needed, just flip the ice pick up to a retracted position, so that the rubber tip at the end of the cane or crutch is exposed.

Walker Skis
Walker Ski Glides are designed for use with all folding walkers with a 1" diameter frame to make it smoothly glide over most surfaces. Durable, composite construction ensures lasting use and makes walkers easier to move.

Walker Basket
Plastic walker basket attaches to almost any walker. Holds up to 3 pounds.

Walker Tray
Offers a 5 pound weight capacity, and is ideal for storing valuables while using your walker. Clip-on brackets for easy attachment.

Crutch and Walker Sheepskin Covers
Protects against soreness. Machine washable. Secures with velcro attachments.