Wound Care

Disposable gloves, various types available. Comes in different sizes.

Scrubs wounds with minimal wound trauma. Latex-free, sterile.

Gauze rolls and pads; various types available. Comes in different sizes.

Wound dressings come in many different shapes and sizes, and serve a variety of purposes, based on injury.

Wide range of hypoallergenic, adhesive medical tapes are available to meet your needs.

Cotton-Tipped Applicators
Cotton-tipped applicators come in a variety of sizes and shapes, for a multitude of uses.

Face masks filter out dust, bacteria and pollen. They offer protection, comfort and durability. Available in different varieties.

Wipes & Steristrips
Essentials of a first aid kit. Various sizes, shapes and types available.

Cohesive Flexible Bandages
High-quality, strong, flexible, comfortable, lightweight and quick bandage. Wraps easily, adheres only to self. Energy absorbing, abrasion resistant and non-slip support. Comes in different sizes and colors.

Ace Bandages
Unique knit construction provides consistent stretch and compression. Various sizes and varieties available.